An evolutionally-designed LED light, can be used as main lighting source for tank with no lighting, or as add-on light source for tank already having lighting.


·  Energy-saving LED lighting source, water-proof design, easily hide itself beneath
   tank cover

Applicable to any tank with rim or no rim
with slot or suction cups

·  Rotatable lighting angle, easily adjust to give light to any place you want to
   highlight in your tank
·  Mix of white and blue LEDs, 3-notch switch for all LED on, blue on only and all
   off, easily create replacement of daylight or nightlight
Lightweight switch can be fixed to any place on back or sides of your tank by suction cup
Install onto tank with rim by
inserting the slot into rim on
top of tank
Install onto tank without rim
by sticking the suction
cups to glass
Rotate wheels on two ends
to adjust lighting to reach
any place in your tank
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