· Streamline design, no blind view angle

· Back-mounted overflow filter with 4-stage filtration, including bio-ball, activated
  carbon, ceramic ring and sponge pre-filter Filter media in removable basket makes it
  easy to clean and maintain

· High-efficiency LED module lighting system, long life, low energy-
  consumption, environment-friendly, waterproof and safe with low voltage

· Lighting system may easily upgrade by adding LED module for higher-end
  application like keeping live plants and coral etc., covering demands from starter to

· Prevailing touch-sensor switch

· Sunrise lighting to minimize "light shock"to fish

· Space reserved inside the filter for additional protein skimmer and/or heater
Dimension: 422×387×380mm
Capacity: 50L/13Gal
Pump: S700   
Qmax: 550L/H
LED light: GTL330A/GTL330B
Dimension: 513×440×528mm
Capacity:  100L/26.5Gal
Pump:S1000      Qmax:1000L/H
Optional:  SK300(Protein Skimmer)
LED light:  GTL380A/GTL380B
Upgrade lighting by adding LED modules
No blind view
Removable basket
for filter media
Filtration System
Bio balls
Activated Carbon
Filter sponge
Ceramic rings
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