Resun-"Vanguard" against epidemic

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Epidemic situation is order, prevention and control is responsibility. In the face of the outbreak, Party members and cadres should stand up with a high sense of responsibility and mission, do a good job in the "backbone" of the masses, become the "vanguard" of the war "epidemic", sound the "charge" and devote themselves to the war "epidemic".

When the "charge" is sounded, Party members and cadres should set a good example in front of the charge. Fighting the epidemic of novel coronavirus infection is a severe test for leaders at all levels and cadres and cadres to cope with emergencies and control complicated situations. It is also a comprehensive examination of Party members' ideological awareness, work style and leadership level at all levels. At this critical moment, Party members and cadres should make better use of the results of the education on the theme of "never forget their original intention and keep their mission in mind", firmly build up "Four Consciousness" and achieve "two maintenance", be fearless of risks and face difficulties. Party members and cadres should take the lead in the front line of the epidemic prevention and control struggle, stand up at the critical moment, stand up to the difficulties and fight tenaciously, so as to do a good job in the ideological work of the masses and lead the masses. "Will not fear death, die at all costs.". Only when Party members and cadres take the lead in considering the overall situation and stick to their posts, can they set a good example and play a leading role with practical actions.

When the "charge" is sounded, Party members at all levels should carry out general mobilization with a high sense of responsibility. As the epidemic situation is fierce, Party members at all levels and departments must take active action to play a linkage role. We must uphold the interests of the party and the people above all else, be fearless in times of crisis, and work hard to meet difficulties. Party organizations should strongly support the work of medical workers, and earnestly care about work and life , remove the worries. Street communities, township and village Party organizations should lead the masses to play the role of the first line of defense. The novel coronavirus must be firmly committed to the grassroots level and the party members and organizations in all levels, so that they can stand firmly on the front line of struggle and exert their strength and resolutely win the battle against the new coronavirus.

When the "charge" is sounded, there will be party members on the front line wherever there are difficulties. As a party member, we should not forget our original intention and mission, give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members at all times, influence and drive people around us with practical actions, and be anxious about what the masses think. In the face of the epidemic situation, Party members and cadres should be the "close friends" and "backbone" of the masses. With novel coronavirus, we are delighted to see that party members and cadres are fighting hard as pioneers and commandos on the fronts of medical treatment, communication, electricity, construction, transportation and other related pneumonia cases. To win the "epidemic" war requires a people's war, which requires giving full play to the role of grass-roots party organizations and Party members and cadres. Only when they are committed to fighting the epidemic, can they lead the masses to build a strong wall of war against the "epidemic", effectively protect the health of more people, and finally win the victory.

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