Shenzhen Xing Risheng Industry Co., Ltd. - Report of epidemic situation

Author:日生实业  销售部  孙恒


2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year, with the new coronavirus pneumonia raging, and the situation is very severe. Since the Spring Festival, Deng Peixing, chairman of the board of directors, pan Dongming, general manager and other leaders and the Party branch of the company have been doing prevention and control arrangements. For the sake of the health and safety of the employees of the company and the early resumption of prevention and control, all colleagues have been working hard to learn and implement prevention and control requirements. With the strong support of the leading departments at all levels, the company resumed work on February 11. Although, this year's difficulties we have never experienced, but we always believe that there is no winter, we will usher in a warm spring!

While doing well in its own prevention and control and returning to work and production, the company also actively undertakes social responsibility. General manager Pan and Secretary of the Party Branch Zhu Qunying, on behalf of the company and the Party branch, donated epidemic prevention articles to Baolong Street office and Longgang Federation of industry and Commerce (chamber of Commerce) in three batches, totaling over 100000 yuan. At the first time, the company donated 200000 yuan of special funds to Longgang Charity Association to fight against the epidemic The party members and comrades of the Japanese Communist Party branch also spontaneously made donations and provided anti epidemic services.

All employees of xingnisheng company will continue to pay attention to the development of the epidemic situation, do their own epidemic prevention and control, work hard, and make positive contributions to the development of Longgang!

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