We all unite to face the "epidemic"

Source:日生实业  财务部 党延霞


A sudden epidemic banned all our plans, and it was like jumping into the safe area of a circle drawn with a golden hoop. The original hustle and bustle in the brightly lit city disappeared without a trace. If there is no internet and no concrete tall buildings next to me, I am a little doubtful whether I still live in a thriving fast-paced open city? On the other side, the hot Internet street replaced all of this. The overwhelming information and information made us nervous, moved, and crying...

Wuhan, during this special Spring Festival, people talked about it the most, and it was also what worries us the most. Medical supplies are in a hurry! 25,633, this is the number of medical team members supporting Wuhan from all over the country as of February 15th! The original flowing hair fell with tears, and the back of the protective clothing was written with a strange but memorable name. Although it covered their delicate faces, it revealed the courage of the doctors to charge and fight. Seeing the medical convoys rushing to the epidemic area, seeing the police salute one by one, seeing the deep mask marks on their faces and their white foreheads soaked in sweat, I saw them dragging When lying on the floor with a tired body, my eyes were blurred...A little nurse in front of the camera was sorting the infusion bag. The thick dark circles behind the protective goggles endured the rolling tears and said: “I didn’t talk to my parents when I came here. I was afraid they were worried. My parents knew it a few days ago. I have never seen a crying father cry when he grows up so old.” When asked her to make a call now to report that she is safe, she waved her hand and said, "I don't want to cry. I can't do anything after crying and wearing goggles. I'm sorry..." Her name is Zhu Haixiu, born in 1997 and a nurse from the Guangdong Medical Team. There are countless white angels like her fighting and giving.

An aunt in Henan slowly put an 18-meter rope from the sixth floor through the anti-theft net on the balcony. Inside the blue on one end of the rope were steaming steamed buns, buns, potato shreds, and rice porridge. The three policemen on duty downstairs took over and said thank you, thank you. Afterwards, the aunt said to the camera: "I don't know them, but I know their clothes. Knowing that they are guarding us, I just want to let them eat a hot meal." The simple words and behaviors are grateful. Fearless" guardian. A young man from Shandong, Li Baomin, went to Wuhan to deliver vegetables. He in the driver's cab ate burritos and said to the camera: "The family supports him very much and there is no money to contribute." This move earned him a positive energy bonus of 20,000 yuan. It was something to be happy about, but when he was in line with reporters, he cried like a child, saying that he was doing the duty of an ordinary citizen, hoping to donate the bonus to children who have no father or mother. Because he lost his parents when he was four or five years old...He is using a grateful heart to repay the kindness and love he once received. Yes, a grateful person must have a kind heart in his heart, and a good person. Although the blessing has not come, the disaster will be far-reaching.

The first morning when I returned to work, I saw the body temperature detection points in the production area and the living area. The ground was soaked with 84 disinfection blankets, the distance zebra crossing, the cross dividers on the dining table, and the publicity column. The epidemic prevention readouts one by one, all the hand sanitizer and alcohol on the side of the sink, and packs of Chinese medicine decoctions...Every detail is the hard work of our Risheng people, thank you! The faint smell of disinfectant in the air is full of warmth and protection from the big family of Risheng. After feeling this, I and myself say that we work harder, work harder, work harder, and work harder.

Looking forward to the rainbow after the storm, and also looking forward to the fresh air after taking off the mask, the neon lights on the roadside become brighter with the hustle and bustle, and the beer in the glasses of friends on the long-lost table is also excited. In the playground, I saw the children chasing and the cheerful laughter...

Cherish the power of love, which is difficult to support from all directions; cherish the peace and goodness brought to us by the retrograde who is burdened; cherish every person around us who guards us and who we guard. Come on! Let us face the "epidemic" in the face of difficulties, and we will win! We have won! ! !

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