Help fight the epidemic! 5 caring companies and individuals donated 700,000 yuan to the Longgang Dis

Source:龙岗融媒 / 日生实业  总经办


               On the same day, Shenzhen Xingrisheng Industrial Co., Ltd. donated 200,000 yuan, Lingyi Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. donated 200,000 yuan, Shenzhen Lianchuang Technology Group Co., Ltd. donated 100,000 yuan, and Shenzhen Jielike Health Service Co., Ltd. donated 100,000 yuan, Shenzhen Industrial Park Chamber of Commerce donated 100,000 yuan. "As a listed company, we must do our utmost to prevent and control the epidemic! Not to add chaos to the country, but also to create value and dedication to society within our capacity." At the donation ceremony, the relevant person in charge of Lingyi Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. said In the face of the major epidemic that occurred this year, Lingyi Technology responded quickly and actively responded to the epidemic prevention and control in strict accordance with national policies to ensure that the company's employees in Shenzhen and returning to Shenzhen "zero infection." At the same time, we always keep our social responsibilities in mind, actively participate in various social welfare activities, and donate RMB 1 million to medical systems in many places.


  At the donation ceremony, on behalf of the Longgang District Government, the relevant person in charge of the material security team expressed gratitude to the caring enterprises for their generous donations and the hard times with Longgang, and said that they will be based on the "Longgang District Prevention and Control Headquarters" issued by the "Longgang District to fight against the new crown pneumonia social donation "Fund Use Management Rules", we will make good use of donation funds in accordance with laws and regulations, and regularly publicize the donation status, donated materials, and donation use through the media, to ensure that the donation is used in the most needed places in the region for the first time in the fight against the epidemic, so as to realize entrepreneurs and Loving people helped the original intention of fighting the epidemic and jointly won the battle against the epidemic.


  It is reported that since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, people from all walks of life in Longgang have generously donated their money and made love. As of March 5, the district charity association has received a total of 29.191 million yuan in donations. In order to strengthen the management of the use of donated funds, the district charity association announces the details of donation receipts in the "Longgang Government Online" every day, so as to be open and transparent.

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