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Shenzhen Xing Risheng Industrial Co.,Ltd., the address is No.2 , Baolong Road 3, Baolong Industrial City, Longgang, Shenzhen, China.

RESUN is a high-tech enterprise internationally known with its 31 years of experiences in product development and manufacturing of Aquatic.
Generally 4 categories, including Aquatic/Pond/Pet/Reptile products. And further, aquatic products including Aquarium/Water Pump/Air Pump/Filter/UV Clarifier/Heater/Chiller/Cleaning Tools/Accessories etc,. for more details, please go to the product center.

RESUN currently has 6 factories  with a total surface area of over 180,000㎡, more than 40 advanced production lines, and its own molding centers with annual production capability of over 900 sets.

Aunnual capacity: 1 Million aquariums,10 Million water pumps,4.5 million filters,5 million air pumps,1 million heaters,0.1 million chillers,and 1 million lighting sets, full range, a variety of choices.

In 2007, RESUN was appointed to draft the National Standards for Aquariums by China’s National Standard Organization, RESUN’s in-house lab was accredited to be a CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment) lab.

RESUN was also awarded Excellence in Patent Enterprise by National Intellectual Property Bureau, and by far, RESUN has gained over 300 national and international patents.

In 2013 RESUN was awarded “National Hi-Tech Enterprise”

RESUN has strict PMC, reliable supply chain,usually   - Tooling 45-60 days
  - Sample/prototype 15 days
  - Mass Production 40FT  45days
Most of the RESUN products are with certification of UL, ETL, GS and VDE for different countries. The products are extensively sold in over 70 countries.

Shenzhen Xing Risheng  Industrial Co., Ltd
Tel:  0755-89926268 (domestic)              0755-89926292 (Overseas)
Fax: 0755-89926225 (domestic)             0755-89933990 (Overseas)
Email:  sales@resun-china.com (domestic)      info@resun-china.com  (Overseas)
Address: No.2, Baolong Third Road, Baolong Industrial City, Longgang District, Shenzhen

Self driving route (recommended)

A Shenzhen railway station: starting point → Qingping Expressway → Shuiguan Expressway → Baohe road → Baolong Third Road, about 1 hour
B departure from Shenzhen Airport: starting point → airport Netherlands Expressway → Baohe road → Baolong Third Road, about 1 hour; C departure from Hong Kong Airport: starting point → Shenzhen port → airport Netherlands Expressway → Baohe road → Baolong Third Road, about 2 hours
Bus routes: 933, b670, B678, M220, M305, m308, m317, m322 and Shenhui 3B
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